The Ashland Planning and Zoning meeting last Tuesday evening was a prime example of how split the board is over future development – and how developers are looking for some clues as to how to navigate the maze of ordinances governing the requirements of developers.

Two existing structures had public hearings and then votes for recommendation. Predictably, the vote was split, as were the recommendations.

An existing residential duplex at the corner of Redbud Lane and north Henry Clay was narrowly approved 4-3 and an existing church, looking to be used as an Office District space was rejected 5-2.

The Planning and Zoning votes are recommendation votes only. Final decisions are made by the Ashland Board of Aldermen.

The duplex, owned by developer Dave Westhoff, came under scrutiny during the public meeting as P&Z members questioned how long Westhoff might own the property.

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By Bruce Wallace