Ashland Police and Boone County Sheriff’s office reported the following arrests recently:

• 02.25.21: Darcee Leann Thomas, 24, of Columbia, was arrested by Ashland Police on 1st degree tampering with a motor vehicle charge. Bail: $4,500.

• 02.26.21: John Clayton Meadows, 67, was arrested by Boone County Sheriff’s deputies on a DWI charge. Bonded: $500.

• 02.27.21: Colleen Robin Hale Derousse, 61, of Hartsburg, was arrested by Ashland Police on charges of possession of a controlled substance less than 35 grams; failure to register vehicle; and a red light violation. Bonded: $4,787.50. 

• 02.28.21: James Cowen Kesterston III, 41, of Ashland, was arrested by Ashland Police on a 3rd degree domestic assault charge. Bonded: $1,500.

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