By: Mike Roux

My youngest stepson is Parker Dietrich.  He is now the only hunting buddy still at home.  I still, and always will hunt with all my kids, but it is now Parker’s turn to take center stage.  Parker has had quite a good year.

My young hunter not only got his first gobbler this past spring but got two.  He took a 20-pound brown trout from Lake Michigan and had a pretty good freshman football season.  In addition to all of these activities, he also spent the summer practicing and preparing for his first archery deer season.

Even though this would be his first archery deer season, Parker is no rookie in the deer woods.  He has taken deer in two states with firearms and knows the deer hunting game pretty well for a youngster.  He brought me his grunt tube and asked if I had any new advice on this call.

I suggested he use the call aggressively during the rut for both bucks and does.  I told him how useful this call can be and that he should have it with him at all times.

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