( He Called his Shot )

By: Mike Roux

Even though he is my Grandson, I have to brag a little bit on Connor Dietrich.  Not only is he in advanced classes in school, but this 10-year-old young man is a true outdoorsman in the making.

He has caught bass over 5-pounds and catfish over 8.  He has killed a deer and 4, yes 4 gobblers.  He is the one who is ready to go at a moment’s notice, and never gets tired.  He is my outdoor partner in every way.

So as the 2022 summer fishing season began to give way to fall hunting, Connor was already into to his autumn preparation.  In August he sighted-in both of his deer guns.  This would be his third year to hunt the Youth Season in Illinois, but his first year to hunt deer in Missouri.  He was pumped-up!

During the first sight-in session we determined there was an issue with the scope on his Ithica slug gun.  The scope was replaced and his slugs fell back in near the bullseye, as they should.  His H&R single shot .243 is a tack-driver and has been since his uncles Spencer, Caleb and Parker used it in their youth.  He was set.

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