If you have been to the post office or grabbing lunch at Pizza Haus recently you may have noticed a new barber at LT’s Barbershop.  New to LT’s that is. Lonnie Taggart, Lance’s father is the face you see but he is anything but new to the barber business. Lonnie started his career in the 60’s, when haircuts were only a dollar. He remembers thinking in the beginning if haircuts ever got to $5 he would get rich. (Even though haircuts are now triple that, it didn’t really work out like he was thinking!)   He has worked in Jefferson City for nearly 55 years. He has seen a lot of styles come and go in his day. He is most famous for his “flat top” and says that one never seems to go out of style. Lonnie has done more than cut hair or trim a beard – he has been a confidant, friend and father figure to many, and supported more community events and fundraisers than you can imagine.

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