By: Ernie Wren

With potential food shortages and inflationary prices hitting across America, one solution to help alleviate the home crisis is to grow your own foods and learn how to preserve those foods. “For long-term options, there is not a more sustainable and better way, than to grow your own food and raise your own animals for meat. If we were in a real crisis, eventually the stockpiles would run out. Creating your own food independence is the best and most reliable way of making sure you, your family, and your community has what it needs to get through a major crisis. Your garden does not have to be big. Even growing in pots on your patio can make a huge difference.” (

While our country is not currently in crisis mode for food supplies, it is good to know that we are teaching our children the proud farming heritage that has sustained our population from the start of its founding. Established in 2007, Southern Boone School District’s Learning Garden is one of the most prestigious in the State of Missouri, working with students from kindergarten through high school. The mission of the Southern Boone Learning Garden is “To provide outdoor classroom space and resources; to facilitate fun, authentic learning experiences that challenge students to embrace positive life skills; and to promote collaborative efforts between the Learning Garden, the school district, and the community.”

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