$7.5 Million in Construction Nears Completion for Sept. 5 school start

SoBoCo Superintendent Chris Felmlee stepped into the Primary School’s new gymnasium and gave a sigh of relief. His attention was focused on the far end of the gym where construction workers were installing new exterior doors to the facility.

The new gymnasium at the Primary School had its retractable seating installed last week. Final details will include applying varnish to the maple gym floor.

“You don’t know how happy it makes me to see those doors get here and being installed,” Felmlee said.

The superintendent explained that there was no major problem with the doors, they were just one of the final items – and construction crews had been waiting on them.

It was one of a very few glitches in an otherwise, knock on wood, unspectacular construction phase for the Southern Boone Schools district. The $7.5 million construct projects – with multiple projects at three different buildings – is in its final phase where the tile is being set, and detail are being put in place. There have been no accidents, no major changes in plans – even the weather has been outstanding.

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By Bruce Wallace