A community meeting held last night at the Middle School annex was to bring two different views of child care in the community to the table.

Changes at the state level – including more pre-employment training – have created greater expense for some local day care owners and will likely leave fewer day care choices for parents who utilized state subsidies in the past.

Southern Boone YMCA director Kip Batye said the YMCA and its Y Club will still be certified and be able to work with those families.

“The Y Club received state subsidies last year and will still continue to receive those subsidies from the state,” Batye said.

Batye said the YMCA will also propose to the SoBoCo School Board to use school facilities for the Y Club free of charge.

“There is a need for day care,” Batye said, “and we propose 4th graders be added and kids 9 years through 14-years-old who qualify for state subsidy money be eligible for the Y Club.”

An agreement reached between the school district, local day care owners and the YMCA when the YMCA originally opened stated that the YMCA would only be allowed to use school facilities free of charge for 5th through 8th grade students. Last year the school board shot down a YMCA proposal to allow 4th grade students to become a part of the after-school Y Club inside the school facilities.

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By Bruce Wallace