By: Ernie Wren

Jesse Slade, owner of King Theodore Records, is a 30-year-old native of Eldon, MO who went to college in Moberly and St. Charles, and has now found his calling as an entrepreneur. When asked what brought him to Ashland, he stated that, “In Ashland I feel a small boom happening, there are already great spots here in town and I just hope to add to it anyway that I can. Also, being really good friends with the owners of Century Tattoo also helped. The environment they have built is really one of the best tattoo shops I have ever been in. A music hub of any sort is needed in any town, despite size or population. This is exactly what I am trying to bring here to Ashland. Growing up in a small town I know the importance this can have on people at every level, from youths to seniors everyone loves music. Also, growing up an avid music collector my passion for music is one that I would love to share with everyone.”

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