LEAD PHOTO: The Southern Boone Senior Center’s annual Loafer’s Days event kicked off with a crowd for lunch last Thursday.


The Tuesday, March 5 Alderman meeting revolved around the future of transportation in SoBoCo and safety as Mayor Gene Rhorer and City Administrator Lyn Woolford recently attended an county-wide informational meeting for transportation.

As a developing area, the City of Ashland is trying to be ahead of the growing number of traffic issues.

“The Interstate 70 bridge (at Rocheport) is under consideration for replacement, as well as the Highway 63 and I-70 interchange, which is horrific with congestion, and it’s going to follow here in Ashland,” said Rhorer.

As the city is pushing to be pro-growth, for the possibility of the needed sales tax revenue, Rhorer is pushing for a transportation committee and would appoint local residents in Southern Boone, individuals from Columbia, and business professionals to find solutions for traffic issues.

“There is a process we need to go through, and not wait. If we wait for our only access to Ashland being backed up on Highway 63 people will be in danger,” said Rhorer.

The current idea to help with congestion is outer roads along Highway 63 that stretch to the Columbia Regional Airport.

“There is not a lot of funding for interchanges, but we need another way in and out of Ashland,” said Woolford. “Lots of people like the idea of outer roads and closing the crossovers. However, if the crossovers do close, we will have to look at truck traffic and the wear and tear of our roundabouts.”

The last two statewide transportation taxes have failed and MoDot says its short on funding. “When it comes to safety there is a way to get things done. Getting with the head of appropriations and get this issue appropriated is what we need to do,” said Rhorer.

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By Carson Blake