Heritage Society Board

The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society elected mid-Missourian, Patrick Lee to their Board of Directories at their annual meeting in Charlottesville, Virg. on June 18, 2016. The first of five purposes of the Society is “To further the honor and integrity of Thomas Jefferson, and to promote his vision and ideas and their application in our times and in the future.”

Lee has been a resident of central Missouri since student days at the University in 1968. He has portrayed Thomas Jefferson professionally from Maine to Hawaii since 1990. Since early 2011, he has edited and authored the Thomas Jefferson Leadership Blog, which now has more than 600 posts in 44 categories. He is also the author & editor of Mosquitoes, Gnats & Prickly Pear Cactus: The Lewis and Clark Review.

The Society’s web site is www.TJHeritage.org.