The Southern Boone County Fire Protection District will be taking action to enforce the District Fire codes at the Cartwright Technology and Industrial Park.

The City of Ashland and the Fire District have been at odds over the final plat approval of the Industrial Park.

At a meeting held of Thursday, December 20, the Fire District agreed that to have their Attorney Jeff Parshall, contact Potterfield Group over various issues Fire Marshall Cory Sapp has reviewed with the plat from Crockett Engineering, including the cul de sac requirements. The Fire District is requiring a 95ft cul de sac, and the plat has been approved by the city for 82ft.

Parshall did not attend the meeting, and there was no mention of a lawsuit.

“I asked for just a fire protection sheet [from Crocket Engineers], which I didn’t get” said Southern Boone County Fire Protection Fire Marshal Corry Sapp. “I think it would be appropriate that someone who has background knowledge [of these issues] attends the meeting on how we got to this place.”

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By Carson Blake