Ashland is home to an award winning mandolin player, originally from the Bluegrass State. Kentucky native, Kevin Amburgey, moved with his family to the SoBoCo area five years ago to begin Heartland Baptist Church. 

Playing music on the road, at home with friends, or in the church, Amburgey could not recall a time he has not played music. A self-taught musician, he began playing guitar and would listen to cassette tapes, rewind, and attempt to emulate the songs as best he could.

Being raised in Kentucky, Amburgey had a natural appreciation for Bluegrass music. “I remember listening to my Dad’s cassette tapes enjoyib vng the music, but when I heard Tony Rice play guitar I thought that’s what I should be playing.”

Amburgey started playing in a Bluegrass band at 19 years old.

“A Bluegrass band is mainly made of a guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, and fiddle if you’re lucky” said Amburgey. “I actually started playing mandolin by necessity. Our mandolin player got a full time traveling job to play, and after stepping in, I fell in love with the instrument.”

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By Carson Blake