Provided By: Rebekah Hammett

To kickoff a new year, and another FFA season, Ashland FFA took twenty-six of their first-year FFA members to attend Greenhand Motivational Conference hosted at the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. As they joined other first-year members from all across the area, their day encompassed opportunities to learn how they can utilize this organization for their positive development of premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. State FFA Officers presented interactive skits and led workshops which members were divided into where they learned about being positive role models, learning to get involved, making sound choices, becoming active team members, and becoming a positive difference in not only their lives, but their school and community, too. They also learned to reach out of their comfort zones because with comfort, there is no growth and with growth, there is no comfort.

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