By: Ernie’s Edibles

I often look for unique food offerings from restaurants, but there are times I am simply in the mood for a good, simple lunch. The Blue Rooster BBQ & Pizza offers one of the best hot ham and cheese sandwich meals in town, which when coupled with the BBQ Pork & Beans is a very filling and delicious meal. A sandwich that highlights plenty of ham and cheese at its best. The Blue Rooster is a locally owned business by father and son partners Charlie & Keith Clayton. If you have been around Ashland a while, you will have enjoyed watching its transformation from an early 1900’s crumbling brick exterior to the current remodel and restoration that occurred over a 30-year span. With craft beers and a wood stove that partially heats the building during winter months, the Blue Rooster offers a historical setting to enjoy lunch or dinner. Located at 103 E. Broadway downtown Ashland, their hours are 11am to 8pm Tuesday – Saturday.