The community will have the opportunity to cast their vote for new and returning faces in the upcoming Board of Aldermen meeting in Ashland. The election is set to take place April 6, and the aldermen elected will serve a two year term within Ashland city government.

Nathan Volkart

For Ward One, Alderman Nathan Volkart is running for reelection. The Ashland born-and-raised candidate was recently appointed to the position in early January of this year, following the retirement of Alderwoman Leslie Martin. 

In his two months on the job, Volkart feels he’s gained a firm grasp on city government, as well as the ins and outs of the community as a whole. One part of his work he prides himself on is his willingness to hear out the requests of his constituents and point them in the right direction. 

“I do appreciate the fact [that] I feel like I’ve done a lot, [like] getting people in touch with the right person,” Volkart said. He later added that he feels glad people in town feel comfortable enough to come to him to voice their concerns. 

Among the many projects on the municipal plate Volkart looks forward to is the completion of the Broadway roundabout , as well as general road improvements around town.

“I love the town. I love being able to positively affect change,” Volkart said. 

Loren Plank

Plank, a new member to the community, is running for the Ward One Alderman seat. He moved to Ashland in October 2019 from Chariton, Iowa. Before living in Chariton, Plank received his Masters degree in Business in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Currently, he works as a data manager for Graves Foods in Jefferson City. 

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By Sofi Zeman

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