By Sofi Zeman

The proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2022 in the city of Ashland was presented for first reading at the Board of Alderman meeting on April 6. This proposal began the discussion of the coming year’s budget, which will need to be adjusted and adopted by the city before May 1. Presented by City Administrator Tony St. Romaine, the proposed budget highlights planned spending for the year, as well as the projected financial status of the city. According to the budget packet, sales property and gross receipts tax provide account for most of the money allocated in the city’ s general fund. “General Fund sales tax for FY22 is projected to increase by $35,000 or 8.4%,” according to the document. The budget projects confidence in seeing significant population change when the 2020 census is revealed. The prediction is that the city population currently sits around 5,000, comparatively more than the 3,707 counted in the 2012 census.

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