By: Travis Naughton

All four buildings within the Southern Boone County School District were closed last Thursday and Friday due to staffing shortages created by a surge in Covid-19 cases among educators in the area. A severe shortage of substitute teachers is further exacerbating the problem, making it difficult to keep schools open. District superintendent Chris Felmlee sent an email on Friday afternoon informing district patrons that in-person instruction would resume on Monday, January 10. At that time, 11 teachers were isolating at home due to testing positive. By Sunday, the Covid tracker on the district’s website showed that the number of active cases among teachers had increased to 14, plus an additional 7 staff members were identified as close contacts. The district also reported 23 active cases of Covid-19 among the student population as of Sunday with 152 more students identified as close contacts. Recent changes to the district’s safe return to in-person instruction policy allows close contacts of confirmed positive cases to remain at school if they have been vaccinated or are symptom-free.

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