“Did you hear that? Liberty and justice for all,” said Mike Collins property owner affected by the 2021 roundabout project, after the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance at the October 15 Board of Alderman meeting. 

Approximately 70 people were in attendance at the meeting including city officials, MoDot, Bartlett and West engineers, along with the concerned public.

The Alderman were tasked with a dense agenda, however the publics attention drew to the upcoming 2021 roundabout project and its preliminary plan focusing on the businesses to the Northeast of the Henry Clay and Broadway/Route M intersection in Ashland. 

The intersection, currently a four way stop, has been under evaluation for traffic concerns. In early 2018 the City of Ashland conducted a traffic study with Bartlett and West to solve the backup issues during morning and evening commuting traffic. 

Specifically when traffic backs up onto Highway 63.

“It’s a safety issue to keep traffic from backing up on to Highway 63, to prevent serious injury,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer. 

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By Carson Blake


PHOTO: Optimist members Barrett Glascock, Lena Long, Lisa Barnnum and Katie Carr visited the SoBo third grade for the anual dictionary distribution.