Ground is expected to be broken on the new Ashland YMCA on the first of the coming year. Amid the preparation process, the business has been planning out how the Southern Boone County School District, as well as the City of Ashland itself will play into the new facility’s daily routine. 

Ashland YMCA has recently signed a contract with the Southern Boone County School District, allowing for the use of YMCA facilities for school programs. The contract will permit students within the school district to use the facilities for a myriad of sports and activities, such as wrestling, tumbling and cheer. 

In addition to this, the YMCA has also received a $10,000 grant for a collaboration with the elementary school. With these funds, the organization will implement a Y5210 program for the 4th grade class. This health-focused initiative will ideally teach students to limit screen time, be active and make healthy eating choices. The Y will also attempt to bring in a guest speaker each week to present different educational topics. The YMCA has another grant program in the works, which will allow the staff to work with middle school students as well. 

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By Sofi Zeman