While our judging committee has the voting taken care of, we created an address list for your viewing pleasure. This is the list of houses who entered the contest. We grouped them according to location for easier traveling.
Feel free to drive around and enjoy these festive homes!
We did not have any businesses enter the contest, so we are not conducting a community vote on businesses.
Here are the addresses in text form for easy copying:
Group 1: Starting in town moving west
Home A: 405 Red Bud Ln, Ashland
Home B: 330 Sequoia Circle Ashland
Home C: 601 Redwood Drive Ashland
Home D: 202 Cottonwood Drive Ashland
Home E: 440 Jameson Dr Ashland
Home F: 1613 E. Fox Hollow rd. Ashland
Home G: 12975 S. Hwy DD (SSR-DD in maps), Ashland
Group 2: YMCA Area
Home H: 207 South Main Street Ashland
Home I: 205 Sappington Dr. Ashland
Group 3: Behind primary & elementary school
Home J: 4970 Valley Forge Circle Ashland
Group 4: Off Peterson Lane
Home K: 5760 Tuscaloosa Dr. Ashland (special instructions: this is a new street and doesn‘t show up in iphone maps. Start on peterson lane, turn south on eagle pass and follow it all the way down until you turn left on tuscaloosa)
Group 5: Hartsburg
Home L: 6600 E. Lloyd Hudson Road, Hartsburg (special instructions: you may pull in driveway to drive all around the large display)
Home M: 20355 S Route A, Hartsburg (special instructions: you may come up driveway and turn around in driveway at garage)