By:  Ernie Wren

Southern Boone County has many interesting events happen over the course of its history, such as the founding of Ashland in 1853, the establishment of the “Fire Laddies” as Ashland’s volunteer fire department in 1883, and the incorporation of Hartsburg, MO in 1901. The founding of Goshen Primitive Baptist Church of Hartsburg/Wilton on September 21, 1832 is also on that list of important historical happenings. This month, the members of the church will celebrate 190 years of serving the community!

In the church’s records, one can find the details of events that led to the church being formed. “On August 9, 1832, a small band of people gathered at a home on a hill overlooking the sleepy village of Wilton, MO, and the mighty Missouri River to discuss constituting a Church in their area. Following this meeting, the Church was constituted on September 21, 1832, with the following 12 members:  Issac Wilcoxen, Rebecca Wilcoxen, William Matthews, Helen Matthews, Samuel Wilcoxen, Millie Wilcoxen, Ezekiel Wilcoxen, Perry Spencer, Elisa Spencer, Nancy Bittle, Susan Collier, and Mary Jamieson. Elder Berryman Wren was called to be the first pastor of the Church. The name chosen for the Church was Goshen, taken from the Bible and meaning shelter or refuge.” (

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