Ashland Police reported Tuesday morning that a number of car thefts occurred in the overnight hours.

Officer James Creel said a person or persons rifled through about a dozen automobiles late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

“We did have a report of one firearm stolen,” Creel said, “mostly they were looking through cash as they went through some wallets – they left the credit and debit cards alone. Not much else was stolen.”

The incidents took place in the Season’s Ridge neighborhood as well as the 200 block of Redbud and North Henry Clay.

Creel said there was also a report of a stolen vehicle from the Golden Windmill area, but that vehicle, a 2001 Ford Taurus, has already been recovered and is not thought to be a part of the other thefts.

“Each of these incidents happened because the owners of the vehicles left their doors unlocked,” Creel said. “I understand how that can happen to all of us sometimes, but we need to be in the habit of locking our cars at night.”

In addition, Creel offered a few other suggestions:

• Lock your vehicle

• Don’t leave valuables in vehicle

• Keep exterior porch or garage lights on throughout the night

• If you hear or see something suspicious, call emergency 911 if it’s an emergency or the non-emergency number for Ashland Police – 442-6131. “That is the same dispatch center,” Creel added, “and someone is on duty 24 hrs day. And our overnight guy is looking for some way to help our residents.”

By Bruce Wallace