A century-old bridge spanning Cedar Creek east of Ashland was closed last Friday, Oct. 7 as MoDot engineers have declared the bridge unsafe for traffic.

The Burnett School Road Bridge.

The Burnett School Road Bridge.

The Burnett School Road bridge was closed, preventing traffic from Boone to Callaway County. Motorists were advised to utilize Zumwalt Road (South of Burnett School) or State Route Y (North of Burnett School) as alternate routes into Callaway County.

Concrete barriers were moved into place on Friday after a warning was sent to media.

“Do not attempt to move, remove or drive around the barricades once they are in place,” the Boone County press release stated.

Cedar Creek-area resident Dianna Hallett said a committee was working on a grant, due in mid-December to get funding for a new bridge.

“It is slow work on a project like this,” Hallett said, “there is cultural and historic significance in this area as well with the bridge.”

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By Bruce Wallace