Lead Photo: Southern Boone High School held this year’s commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 19. The Class of 2019 had 130 students walk across the stage and is one of the larger classes of the last few years. If kindergarten expectations are anything to bank on, SoBoCo’s graduating classes will soon far exceed today’s number of seniors. Above, Brett Price and Grace Pounds follow the procession after receiving their diplomas.


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The Main Street sidewalk project is being completed by RC Contracting from Rocky Mount, Mo. “The sidewalk starts just west of the old City Hall on Broadway, all the way south on Main Street and back down Henry Clay,” said Don Jenkins from Meco Engineering.

The City has hired Meco Engineering, who has planned the sidewalk project, and will oversee all the construction.

The Main Street sidewalk project is provided from an 80/20 spilt with MoDot. Estimating the City of Ashland’s cost $80,579.00.

The project has 150 good weather days to complete the sidewalk project. The sidewalk project was originally to be completed in May, by the end of the 2018-2019 school year. “This sidewalk is years in the making,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer. Rhorer wants ‘walkable streets’ throughout the City of Ashland.

“The sidewalk will connect the primary achools to the middle school and be protected. Eventually I’d like them on every street,” said Rhorer.

However, connecting downtown Broadway/State Highway Route M throughout town towards West Oaks area is not on the sidewalk agenda.

“Route M is a State Highway, and MoDot would have to participate. Also, it is a high traffic area and we don’t want increased pedestrian and traffic encounters,” said Rhorer.

By Carson Blake