With a matter of days counting down to the new year, Ashland residents are able to look forward to furthering city-wide development. Due to the halting of various grants and events in the wake of 2020 and COVID-19, many municipal projects have set their completion dates in 2021, permitting the pandemic’s aftershock allows for such. 

Ashland plans to add a new business to its city limits in 2021. Construction for a second Break Time gas station has been underway since October this year. Amid ongoing construction, an official opening date has yet to be set. However, Break Time senior marketing manager Anita Bichsel predicts the project will be complete early in the coming year. 

The pending Break Time gas station is located at the junction of Highway 63 and Route Y, at the southeast corner. Break Time is affiliated with the MFA Oil Company, which is based in Columbia, Mo. Today, there are dozens of Break Time locations across the state of Missouri. 

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By Sofi Zeman