On Monday, January 17, Boone Health will open a dedicated COVID testing site located in the Nifong Convienient Care clinic at 900 W. Nifong. This Convenient Care location is temporarily closed. The testing site will be open seven days a week from 11 AM to 6 PM. The Nifong testing site will not require a provider order, but patients must be experiencing symptoms to be tested. Patients will need to bring a photo ID and their insurance card, if available. Patients with a provider order may continue to visit any of our lab services locations (www.boone.health/lab). Patients who have a lab order for tests in addition to a COVID test must visit one of our lab locations. The new site will only test for COVID. Patients will be required to wear a medical-grade mask, which will be provided, and maintain social distancing at all times. For more information, visit https://boone.health/covid-19/