By:  Ernie Wren

Will the City of Ashland soon become home to a new recreational skatepark?  If the Ashland Skateboard Association is successful in its efforts, the answer is yes.  The “Ashland Skatepark Association” was chartered with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office as a non-profit on October 7th, 2022 with Loren Curtis Plank as its registered agent.  Per its “Articles of Incorporation of a Nonprofit Corporation” filing, its purpose is, “To raise funds for the building of a new skatepark in the City of Ashland, Missouri and then donate the funds to the city of Ashland for the express purpose of building a skatepark.”.  The assets of the corporation will be distributed on dissolution as follows:  The assets of the corporation will be donated to the “Friends of the City” account within the city of Ashland, Missouri.

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