East Broadway location also site of future city hall

It was previously the home to Regions Bank, but the future headquarters of the Ashland Police Department, undergoing some rennovations at 601 E. Broadway, needs some different sort of security.

The evidence room is one of the most secure areas of any police department and on Friday afternoon while city maintenance staff and off-duty police sergeant James Creel were on construction duty, Chief Lyn Woolford explained the need for high security.

“We have to have an evidence room which prevents access from any point,” Woolford said, noting that evidence was required to be stored through consistent procedures in order to be presented as evidence.

The new police headquarters, at the very entrance of Ashland, will be ready for the department to move in just before Christmas. The property is nearly a full acre and Woolford and Mayor Gene Rhorer say the City of Ashland intends to build a new city hall beginning next spring.

The new evidence room also prevents someone you might not think from entering – the police officers themselves.

“We will build a window or drawer which evidence will be passed through by officers to the evidence clerk,” explained Sgt. Creel. “It is a 12×12 room that is built with 3/4-inch plywood to the roof. The evidence is catalogued and stored by the clerk only.

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By Bruce Wallace