LEAD PHOTO:  Sgt. James Creel, left, and city workers frame a new room at the future site of the new Ashland Police headquarters while Chief Lyn Woolford looks on. The new offices should be ready by the end of the month.

LEAD STORY:  Aldermen look forward to roundabout to ease congestion

The underlying theme at many of Ashland’s elected board meetings is growth. New construction, increasing school enrollment and even road congestion, which took three Ashland Police Officers to untangle on last Monday morning and was a topic discussed at the Tuesday, December 4 Ashland Board of Alderman meeting.

Mayor Gene Rhorer and the Alderman have embraced the challenge of community growth, and are acknowledging the limitations of the city budget.

“Let’s be mindful of where we are,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer. “We are done spending money for a while, no more special projects.”

The city has a series of current and upcoming major projects:

• The new sewer plant is finishing including the forced main north of town by the airport.

• The water building near the Elementary School has been completed and occupied.

• A new roundabout at Henry Clay and Broadway will be built in 2021 with an upfront cost of 1.1 million.

• Construction on a new city hall will start in the next several months to be completed by the end of 2019.

During the summer of 2019, Broadway from Highway 63 past Main Street will be completely resurfaced by MoDOT. The city will pay $225,000 in replacement cost for the parking areas on Broadway with MoDOT paying for the resurfacing of the street.

The city has accepted a bid on the Main Street sidewalk project from RC Contracting, of Rocky Mount, Mo.

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By Carson Blake