By:  Ernie Wren

This past week my wife Danna and I have been quarantined in a hotel in the small town of Rifle, CO due to exposure to the newest Covid variant. Having attended a conference in Reno which unfortunately became a super-spreader event, I ended up in the local ER halfway home for testing and a prescription for Paxlovid. I appreciate the many messages of support from the community. A recommendation I will share with those planning a vacation (without getting into the politics of Covid), is to think about what you might need to do if you suddenly come down with Covid in the middle of a vacation far away. We did not do that originally, as like most folks, we have moved on from stressing about Covid. You might consider packing your medical cards, having extra funds to extend hotel stays, and planning for alternative forms of transportation back home. Now on to the more positive activities around town to report!

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