By: Ernie Wren

The controversy of the week is those darn yellow traffic dividers separating the two lanes on Rt. Y just after the roundabout on the east side of Highway 63. When using the on-ramp into Ashland coming from the south, drivers are now required to turn right and go down to circle the roundabout to backtrack and go back west into town. Drivers going to Moser’s, Dollar General, etc. Also must go further east to the roundabout and come back west to do their shopping. Granted, it is a mild inconvenience, but it appears to have had an unintended effect in jamming up the east side roundabouts, which then can back up into the west side roundabouts. One recent example of this created a traffic jam as far back as Connections Bank. There have also been some issues with delivery trucks being able to swing wide enough to make a right turn into Ashland without crossing over the barriers. According to City Administrator Tony St. Romaine, these topics will be discussed soon with MO DOT. The City of Ashland Residential Clean-Up will take place on May 5th, 2022, so make plans for your items that you cannot dispose of in your regular trash. There are some restrictions on the types of items:

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