By: Ernie Wren

We survived “Snowpocalypse 2022” with a total accumulation of 9.5” to 10” of snow, depending upon your exact location. This was topped off with a bit of sleet and ice in some areas, making it quite treacherous last Wednesday and Thursday. My favorite local Facebook “meteorologist” Rodney Davis is now watching a possible snowstorm, which would potentially hit us February 16th to the 18th. It was fun to get a “big snow”, and a HUGE shoutout to Southern Boone Helping Hands, City Administrator Tony St. Romaine, Alderman Dorise Slinker, Kip and Derek from the YMCA for taking the lead in setting up warming stations for those that lost any power. The Southern Boone YMCA and the Ashland Christian Church were very gracious in allowing their facilities to be used and demonstrating the importance of faith and community. Also, thanks go out to the Englewood Hustlers 4H and many other volunteers that volunteered to clean walks for the elderly. And finally, a shoutout to the Public Works Departments in Ashland, Boone County, and State of Missouri for keeping most roads open and drivable. When it snows and ices that much in a short amount of time, it is challenging to keep up with, but they performed quite admirably.

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