By: Ernie Wren

For a great meal, and an even better cause, make plans to attend the Hartsburg Lions Club “All You Can Eat” fish fry on February 11th, from 5pm to 7pm, at the Hartsburg Legion Hall. Adults are $15 and Kids 5-12 $6 at the door, and carry outs are available. You have your choice of fish, pork steak, baked beans, green beans, fries, dessert, along with tea, lemonade, or coffee. Proceeds are going to Jessica Turner to help with therapy services following her life-changing medical event. Note: Due to the anticipated “Snowmaggedon” on Tuesday-Thursday, the city has postponed its regularly scheduled board meeting to Tuesday, February 8th, 7pm. After a weekend visit to the Ashland City Park this past weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather, I am convinced that “Doodles” are taking over the dog world! There appeared to be a large majority of “Doodle” mixes, including our own Luna (border collie/poodle) running and playing fetch in the dog park. I loved seeing the number of dogs (poodle mixes and otherwise) and owners using the dog park every chance they get. The city park board and public works department has done an excellent job in providing and maintaining these facilities. Next time it is warm, and you want to get outside, consider taking your fur kid to the park as well. And speaking of Public Works, I had the opportunity to chat with James Creel, Public Works Director, about upcoming improvements, and the renovations and improvements to the baseball/softball field are coming up. Ball games are a big part of family and community enjoyment during the summer months, so I’m looking forward to seeing this move forward!

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