It finally came, a little bit at least!  Snow and ice created a beautiful winter wonderland in many areas, and also wreaked a bit of havoc at the same time.  Rodney Davis keeps track of weather numbers, and on January 1st he reported an average of .25” in total ice accumulation.  On January 3rd, Rodney reported a total of 1.2” of snow from the storms.  About this time, social media lit up with reports of internet providers being down (mostly Spectrum), which was causing people to lose their phone and TV channels as well.  Ashland police reported that a crash in the 100 block of Ash St. may have caused a power and/or utility outage in the area.  Regardless of the ultimate cause, we all offer many thanks to those that go out in the freezing weather to get those services back up. 

River Regions Credit Union may soon be getting a totally new look.  When the modular building for the credit union was originally rolled in, it was intended as a temporary facility.  RRCU now looks to build a solid new building.  In talking with Tanner Kruger from RRCU, the plans are to move the credit union building back a bit from Broadway St. this spring, which will assist in the construction of the new roundabout at Broadway and Henry Clay.  The church across from Breaktime will also be purchased to make way for a new access drive to the credit union.   The ATM on site will also be moved to a new location (or replaced) to address the sun glare on the glass that comes from the current location.  

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By Ernie Wren