Tony St Romaine City Administrator Ashland, MO.

Over the past several weeks, we have heard from many residents in the Log Providence area regarding their concerns about the proposed Lakeside Ashland development. Some of the key issues center around days and hours of operation, noise, lighting, and traffic backups at the Hwy 63 interchange into the Lakeside property. Both the City and the developer are cognizant of these items, and most of them have been addressed through the conditional use permit that was approved by the Ashland Board of Aldermen following extensive public comment. The remaining items – traffic at the interchange, and secondary access to the Log Providence neighborhood -will be addressed prior to the Planning & Zoning review of the site plan on September 14. The developer has paid for a traffic study that has been reviewed by MoDOT, who will require the addition of a turn lane into Lakeside Ashland (which the developer has agreed to construct). This additional lane, combined with Lakeside’s plan to presell tickets (thus not requiring a stop at the entrance to their facilities), should eliminate any backup or congestion concerns in this area.

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