The Baptist Home was originally founded as a retirement home for Baptist pastors in 1913. In time, it has become an elderly care living development for patients outside the Baptist Church, maintaining the organization’s mission to help care for those in need. Today, The Baptist Home of Ashland serves as one of four locations in the state of Missouri. The Boone County Journal talked with Administrative Coordinator Derek Tamm to get a more in-depth perspective on what life at The Baptist Home is like.

According to the organization website, The Baptist Home prides itself on the delivery of “ministry through love,” and values providing quality treatment that stems from their Christian-influenced care. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created some obstacles. As a result, the organization has had to restructure day to day activities and worship. 

“Our homes are built on strong community ties, events and spiritual care,” Tamm said in an interview via email, “It has been a challenge to face Covid and not lose these aspects of our homes. Thankfully, we have been able to modify many things without becoming isolated.”

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By Sofi Zeman