By: Alex Naughton

Summer school is going to look a little different this year amid Covid-19 concerns. The Southern Boone County School District has drafted a reentry plan and submitted it to the Boone County Health Department with hopes of approval.

The reentry plan states that the school district is offering two weeks of in-seat summer school accompanied by two weeks of AMI, or Alternative Methods of Instruction, for grades K-8. The high school will have four weeks of in-seat time. Classes will take place Monday through Thursday starting July 6 and ending July 30.

Superintendent Chris Felmlee says that he was hoping for a traditional four-week program, but that was not possible under the current circumstances.  The plan was crafted by the administration team and the district’s team of nurses using CDC guidelines, the Missouri School Board Association, and the Center for Education Safety as resources. According to Felmlee, “We consulted extensive documents and the advice of these education associations in order to develop a practicable reentry plan that is within our means and the resources we have available.”

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