Will this year’s district tournament be lucky No. 7 for the SoBoCo Eagles soccer team?

Or is this the year Coach Chris Miller and crew are upset by a talented Father Tolton squad?

The Eagles will host this year’s soccer districts beginning Monday with the top-seeded Eagles take on Fulton at 5 p.m. and the second-seeded Trailblazers face Mexico at 5 p.m.

The championship game is scheduled for Wednesday.

The Eagles are the top seed, but not necessarily the favorites to win.

Last Monday’s 1-0 win over Tolton was a tight back-and-forth game with both teams having and missing opportunities to score. The could have won 2- or 3-0, but Father Tolton could have just as easily won 2-1.

For the Eagles, winning any championship will start with their defense.

“That’s where our players with the experience are,” said coach Miller. “We need for them to come through. We watched the first half of the Tolton game and I think we really got away with some things defensively. Tolton has some skilled players, some speed and they can score.”

The Eagles will rely on the defensive play of Ethan Blackburn, Ivan Bossert, Derek Gilmore and Brandon Wagner. Along with goalkeeper Nick Grabner, the Eagles defense has done the job through most of this season.

The Eagles have shown a bit of resurgence the past two weeks, putting five goals on the board against Helias, and the teamwork of Rajesh Bennett and Rece Gilmore, however, senior Chris Bonderer and speedy Deven Perry can be a weapons as well.

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