The Wright City Wildcats (0-1) will use multiple ways to confuse the SoBoCo Eagles on Friday night when the two teams meet in Wright City.

Coach Trent Tracy and defensive coordinator Andy Jahnsen are working to help the Eagles defense recognize the many different formations the Wildcats will use.

The Wildcats will utilize a formation as simple as the I-formation – or something as confusing as a ‘quads’ formation with four receivers bunched on one side of the field.

“They use the I and ‘trips’ formation and a ‘quad’ formation and can do a lot of things from many different sets,” said Tracy. “Their quarterback likes to throw the ball long and they have a few receivers who can really get downfield.”

For the Eagles defense, the key will be to mark those receivers and try to prevent long plays.

Last week the Eagles did a good job of getting to the North Callaway quarterback, but this week Cole Morris, Brian Kent and crew may have a tougher time.

“Their offensive line is big – averaging about 270-lbs each – and are good,” Tracy said. “They use those guys effectively to play to the strengths of their skill players.”

On defense, the Wildcats are more vanilla.

“They won’t show us anything too unusual or that we haven’t seen,” Tracy said.

• Both Jackson Sartain (knee) on offense and Dominic Lawrence (hand) are game-time decisions as to how much they will play. Tracy said both players are not going full speed in practice this week.

• The Eagles JV and Freshmen teams defeated Helias on Monday. The SoBoCo JV won 20-8 and the freshmen defeated Helias freshmen 22-0 in a two-quarters contest.
Tracy said Seth Mueller, the Eagles offensive line and the entire defense played an excellent game for SoBoCo.