By: Todd Pridemore

Last Thursday, the Eagles (11-5) faced the Fulton Hornets (11-4) for the second time this season. Several things about this second contest were different from when the teams first faced each other on Sept. 18. That first match took place on a smooth, dry turf surface as a part of the Boonville Shootout, where SBC prevailed 2-1. Thursday’s game was on the Hornet’s home field, where the natural-grass surface was soaked from inches of rain the night before. (The field was so soaked that goalkeeper Aidan Bukowsky was covered in mud before the game even started, as the goalie box became a mud pit during pregame warmups.)  But that wasn’t the only thing that was different about last week’s contest. With the early grind of the season behind them, both teams are now preparing for the district tournament in just two weeks. It wouldn’t be surprising if both the Eagles and Hornets find themselves facing each other for a third time in the Class 2 District 4 title match in early November.

Alex Criswell (12), Mason Ahern (5), and Cal Montgomery (7) control the ball in the midfield during their match again Fulton last week. (Photo By: Carolyn Pridemore)

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