By: Todd Pridemore

On Monday evening, the Canton Tigers (4-7-1) made the 270 mile round-trip drive to face the Eagles in Ashland. This was a match that was anticipated to be an easy win for the home team, and it appeared that several of the SBC players didn’t bring their best efforts to the field as a result. Even though the Eagles held a commanding 3-0 lead at halftime, Coach Vandelicht lined his team up on the sideline immediately after the 1st half ended and had them run sprints for several minutes to get their attention and refocus their efforts. The team played much better in the 2nd half as a result, looking to link up passes and play the ball to each other’s feet rather than just booting it and hoping a teammate would find it. SBC prevailed with a 6-0 victory, with Aidan Bukowsky and Emery Arnold combining for the shutout in goal.

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