Feature Photo:  SoBoCo offensive linemen, from left: Blake Wooden, Charlie Smith, Brett Price, Brady Holton and Dominic Lawrence. At an average of 240-lbs., the line is the strongest ever put on the field, according to coach Trent Tracy.

Ready to bust open holes up front

If you ask the Eagles offensive line where their strength is, they would tell you in unison: “Pass blocking!”

But if you ask them if the Eagles offense is more likely pass the ball more or run the ball more, they will tell you in unison: “Run the ball!”

And then they laugh – again, in unison.

But what might be the strength of the Eagles offensive line is….their strength. And their experience.

SoBoCo return three of their offensive line starters from last year and coach Trent Tracy repeats that fact nearly as often as center Brett Price will snap the ball in a game.

Seniors Blake Wooden and Charlie Smith and Price will be joined by part-time starter Dominic Lawrence and senior Brady Holton to create an offensive push of more than 1,200 lbs.

“Without a doubt they are the strongest group – I have had some individuals that were stronger – but as a group they are the strongest offensive line we have had,” Tracy said.

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By Bruce Wallace