Hope for the best but expect the worst. You go to the doctor’s office to hear the results of all the tests. You hope for the best but… You send your resume to a company because you are looking for a better job. You hope for the best but… Is that real hope if there is a possibility that the worst is going to happen? Read Romans 5:1-11. We are justified by faith and therefore we have peace with God, we have access to God. (God justifies us, declares us to be righteous because Jesus has taken away all our sin.)

God’s love is constant, never interrupted. Since our loving God is constantly in control of everything that happens to us, we are able even to rejoice in our suffering. As we endure our suffering, the foundation of our hope is revealed. Our hope is in God who gave His son to die for us even while we were His enemies. Such a hope is not embarrassed, is not put to shame, because God keeps his promises.

We meet with our doctor and listen to the diagnosis. Our hope is not that we are going to be perfectly healthy; our hope is in God who promises to make things work together for our good. The same is true in all the other situations of our life. We do not expect to find the best job; our hope is in God who is able to bless us in any job. If we end up with the worst possible outcome of a situation when we were hoping for the best, we are disappointed, discouraged, depressed. Psalm 42 offers help,

“Why are you cast down O my soul? Hope in God; I will yet praise him who helps me.”

In every situation, hope in God, hope for the best and expect the best.

Elmer Schiefer
Pastor, Family of Christ Lutheran Church