The SoBoCo Eagles only needed two points to send the Mustangs back to Eldon as two-straight game losers.

In fact, the Eagles had two occasions where two points would have won the match.

SoBoCo’s Hailey Hanna serves it up in Monday’s loss to the Eldon Mustangs.

They never got those two elusive points.

The Mustangs rallied late in the second game for a heart-stopping 25-23 win and then held off a furious Eagles rally in the third game to win 26-24 and win the match.

“It was an example of having a young team and not being able to put away a win,” said Eagles coach Jaime Nelson.

Seemingly each time the Eagles grabbed the momentum and were set to score multiple points, the Eagles gave up the serve on unforced errors, either by serving the ball into the net or hitting end over the far end line.

The Eagles won game one easily, by a 25-13 score, getting the ball to bounce their way and catching Eldon unready to play.

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By Bruce Wallace