The SoBoCo Eagles looked as if they might go to a third set for a second straight game before they pulled away from Eugene for a 25-9, 29-27 win on September 4th, but lost their first game of the season against Fatima on Monday night.

It was a tale of two sets that tested the fortitude of head coach Emily Becker’s team. Set one had been an offensive onslaught for the Eagles, attacking the defense on hits and aggressive tips. They also took advantage of mistakes by Eugene to tally up a quick score.

Outside hitter Sayde Taggert again led the hitting onslaught. Able to take advantage of blockers hands, she slammed balls off of them and through them as the opposing middles were slow to move outside. Other hitters also took advantage of blockers and added to overwhelming play that was too much for Eugene to handle.

“We honestly haven’t practiced going off of hands…using the hands, we were trying to get Sadye to go line more. They had a smaller blocker and there was no one in that deep corner, so I think she was really trying to hit that line and hit was hitting off those hands. Trinity Schupp also used hands to get some kills which was awesome,” Becker said.

Eugene was prepared for the line shots from Taggart and started the game on a three-point service run to start the second set. It looked as if the two-set comeback they had mounted against Boonville the week before had turned the tables on them, as they were unable to pull away from Eugene to gather a large lead.

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By Briley Eilers