In Friday night’s double-header against Fatima, both the boys and girls basketball teams of Southern Boone managed to snag the win against the Comets.

In the first game of the night, the Lady Eagles cleaned up handily with the Lady Comets, the final tally on the scoreboard reading 45-29. The end of the first quarter was the only time where the game seemed close between the two teams, with a point difference of 1; But as soon as the second quarter began, the Eagles pulled ahead of their opposition, and by halftime were ahead by 10. This effort continued into the second half, resulting in their 16-point lead win.

“Our defensive effort is what won us the game tonight.” Head Coach Damon Wren claims, “We as a whole group played really well team-defense wise, and we rotated really well.” When asked what he thinks the team needs to work on before going into the next matchup at California, he focused mainly on his team’s ability to talk on the court; “Number one thing we need to work on is communication on the defensive side. We did better tonight, but to be an elite group, we have got to get better at talking.”

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By Savana Johnson

Photo: Senior Rece Gilmore lines up and takes a shot at a free throw.