The Southern Boone High School hurlers are on the practice field preparing for their season opener next week. Coach Ashley Anderson says she sees team experience as their advantage this season.

“We have several spots that have depth this year which allow the girls to push each other.  We are looking at Lexi Martin and Brynna Barnum doing most of the work in the circle. Zoey DeHaas and Shelby Reeder sharing time behind the plate as well as Emilee DeHaas or Lindie Pauley fighting for first,” Anderson said. “Mariah Prince, Riece Clevenger, and Sydeny Anderson are returning at shortstop and in the Outfield.” 

Anderson said she’s just glad to be back on the field during the pandemic.

“Sometimes it does not feel like we can get close when breaking down at the end of practice, we are cleaning, taking temperature checks and trying to remind players to remain socially distant.”

By Frank Finley