By: Wade Vandelicht

Sitting 6-1 on the season Lady Eagles Soccer (Class 2) headed to Springfield, MO to play some competitive soccer programs in the Springfield Showdown tournament. Coach Vandelicht stated, “We make these trips to play teams that will expose our weaknesses and put us in situations where we have to figure things out, because that is what we will see in the post season when our season is on the line.” SBC started Friday afternoon off with a game against Glendale High School (Class 3) who had a record of 5-1 at the time. In a very physical contest, SBC did most of the defending during the game but were able to hold Glendale to one goal. They had just 3 shots in the game and could not get one in to tie. “Overall, I am pleased with the way we adjusted to the physical play in that game. We were not applying the same pressure to them as they were to us in the first part. They were big, and it showed they were not afraid to use their size to run through balls and regain possession and keep it.” Coach Vandelicht said. The game resulted in a 1-0 loss for the eagles and was their second loss on the season.

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