The Eagles boy’s soccer season came to an end on Saturday after competing in the final four round of the state tournament. The Eagles faced Gaudalupe Centre Friday afternoon coming up short in a 3-0 loss. 

Guadalupe scored their first goal late in the second half that forced Southern Boone out of their normal game plan.

“We started off the game playing pretty well and had four really good opportunities that we just didn’t finish. Once we trailed later in the second half 1-0 we had to gamble a bit with formations and moving players up,” Head Coach Chris Miller explained. “It certainly wasn’t a 3-0 type of game, but you have to give them credit – they scored. We didn’t.” 

The Eagles faced John Burroughs on Saturday for the third place title. Miller says that focus can sometimes be difficult after a tough loss the day before. Southern Boone started the game strong with several opportunities but lost the match 4-3.

“We gave it everything we had for most of this one, especially after exerting so much effort the night before but this turned out to be a pretty entertaining game,” Miller reflected. 

“We actually played pretty well for most of it and were able to get some extra players on the field. Bottom line is that we just dug too big of a hole. Down 3-0 at half and had several good looks. Burroughs took advantage of a couple of opportunities and goal two was a bit of a killer because it led to a quick goal three for them and it was a goal that came with some questions,” Miller shared.

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By Frank Finley